Joe Strong

Software Developer


I'm a programmer by profession, mostly web.
HTML/CSS, Typescript, PHP, with some Rust thrown in too
Have interest in many creative pursuits: Art, Music, Writing.
Other interests: Languages, Guitar, Mechanical Keyboards, Meditation


What I'm doing right now (updated May 2021):

  • Regular Japanese reading and listening practice
  • Learning music solely by ear (& transposing to guitar/piano)


  • Audio
    • Guitar: Epiphone Les Paul Custom
    • Headphones: KitSound Immerse & TRN v80
    • Midi Controller: Akai MPK mini mk3
    • Audio Interface: Focusrite Scarlet Solo
  • Other
    • Computer: Arch Linux on Gnome
    • Keyboard: Custom Quefrency 60% Split Keyboard